Friday, April 6, 2012

500pts of Imperial Romans- Impetvs

Last night I finished the three stands of archers for my Imperial Roman army and also did a bit of a roll call. I am one stand of legionniares shy of 500pts for Impetus- which will be rectified tonight.

I am thinking of selling these to Dave (to fund/justify the Aventine Republian Romans Ive just ordered) but I do have  a problem with selling stuff- all that efffort going into getting them ready for battle to them just sell them- they usually they just go into a tray for the one day when I'll need them.

Anyway this is what the Early Imperial Romans come out to at 500 pts.

500 pts Imperial Romans

VD Total  VD Pts Total Pts


12 12

Commander: Fair (+2)

20 20
2 CM Equites Alares*
3 6 23 46
2 FP Vet Legions
3 6 34 68 Pilum
2 FP Legionnaires*
3 6 28 56 Pilum
2 FL Auxillaries* 
2 4 23 46

VD: 22


Commander: Fair (+2)

20 20
4 FP Legionnaires*
3 12 28 112 Pilum
2 FL Auxillaries* 
2 4 23 46
3 T Regular Archers
2 6 18 54 Shortbow A
1 Scorpio, Ballistra
1 1 15 15 Art B

VD: 23

Total VD


The army assembled.

 The Praetorian Guard are to be used as the veteran Legionnaires mainly so they can be eaily identified on the table top.
 The archers- I got these figures from Kent and think that they are probably made by foundry.

 The Auxillia.
 3x stands of archers
 Medium Cavalry.

Today's mission- to prepare for tomorrow's Easter Battle- 4x 300pt commands- 3x Imperial Romans and me running some German allies to one of the Roman pretenders to the throne.


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