Thursday, March 29, 2012

DBA- Alans vs Visigoths

DBA? Yes, you heard that right. The guys have been humouring Kent and I and by playing Impetus so time to repay the favour. I haven't played DBA in a couple of years- I got fed up with "Geometry Wars" and micromanaging angles and play the "game"rather than the "wargame."

Any how, lately the guys have been playing lots of the new version so it was time to give it a try- vs Simon and his Visigoths. I like the visigoths and have had fun using them vs Ian in the past (I've a 28mm version waiting to be 0paitned at present). So the only 15mm army I could find was my Alans so it was light horse + knights vs massed bow, warband and cavalry.

Game 1
I got to defend so made it nice and cav friendly- despite the new terrain rules which  I liked.

 My knights slip over to support my light horse vs the cavalry.
 Blades now follow up- and get into trouble vs warband.
 My light horse have made a hole in the enemy line.
 Can we take advantage? Hell yes!

 From 3 -1 down we come back to  in 4-3.

Game 2: Simon aka "Give me a water feature damn it" living up to his name! My plan? Try to cross the river on the left and see what happens. Okay so not much of a plan. 
 Well, 2 units got across- then his bow kept my reinforcements at bay. MY blades have charged across the ford and follow up into arband- not sure I am used to the new blade follow up rules.
 Simon reinforces vs my badly outnumbered light cav.
 End game- now that is what I call surrounded! 5-1 to Simon.
 Game 3- Simon got to defend again. Hmm, I detect a theme.
 Our war correspondent was killed early on in this debacle. I managed to get 2x knights shot full of arrows before they could retreat out of range then Simon unleashed his warband. 4-2 to Simon. 
I enjoyed the games. It was fun and less micromanaging than previous versions. I liked the longer ranges for bows and  movement  but think a 30" board is even more necessary than ever before- and I've been a bg fan of 30" boards for along, long time. So I think I might play the odd game in future.



  1. DBA is great for a club night - plenty of battles, fun and brutal.

  2. Agreed, focus on it being fun and fast play and it is very enjoyable.

    I enjoy playing a mate in CHCh we have a few beers and get 5-6 games done in an evening- definitely my preferred way to play it.


  3. I have to dust off my New Kingdom Egyptians. Have not been played for about 10 years. Can't wait for DBA 3.

  4. DBA3 apparently in the next month or so.. (which I don't believe). maybe February 29th? ;-) I am playing both DBA 2.2 and DBA3 at the moment, and really liking DBA3