Saturday, April 30, 2011

Syrian Infantry

The infantry component of my Syrian army is now completed.
  • 3x Abdath City Militia
  • 2x Gaziz
  • 2x Kurdish light infantry
  • 3x Skirmishers

My aim in my next battle vs Kent is to use all the infantry and support them with less cavalry than I have been using up to now- we will see how that works out.



  1. Looking good Craig.

    It will be interesting to see if the Infantry can hold the Knightly Charge. I guess they have Long Spears but still, they are not THAT tough right?

    Even if they only hold a turn a massed Cavalry counter attack could do the job?

  2. Thanks Ray- more colourful than I'm used to painting.

    @ Jason: No, no long spears, just a few more bodies to hold the centre whilst I'm crushed on the flanks!

    So far I've been unable to deal with the superior fighting ability of the Crusaders which also have a higher discipline rating- the Syrians are pretty fragile compared to them but we will see if more infantry works.

    Funny thing is though, my DBA Syrian army won most of its battles the Impetus version has not had a good start.

    Of course if it doesn't work out I can always max out on light horse and refuse to engage the enemy- which is probably a more realistic way to go :)


  3. That´s the problem with crusaders...the discipline.
    Very nice and coloufully painted army.