Friday, April 8, 2011

NZs First Impetus Competition

I don't play Impetus as a competition game but Kent and I am intending to run a First Crusades demo game at TAGCON which is held here in Timaru the first weekend in August. I started TAGCON several years ago as the second FoW competition in the South Island. In the past couple of years I haven't run FoW at TAGCON, preferring to run our campaign weekend, Day of Days, instead (mainly because no bbody else would organise the FoW comp at TAG and I got sick of doing it!). TAGCON now mainly s 40K, DBA and a few other games (Warmachine was run last year for example year). The DBA comp is held on one day and Kent and I usually run, or take part in some sort of demo/fun game on day 2. This year though we intend to do things a bit different. We'll run our demo game on Saturday and run a small Impetus Comp, probably the first in NZ, on the Sunday. The theme will be the armies and enemies of Imperial Rome (as a few players now have Warlord Games Roman forces) and I'll provide several armies for those who want to give it a go. Rather than a competition we will focus on having 3-4 300 pt battles and introducing other ancients players to the rules. It should be fun, but I guess I neeed to get bbuilding some suitable terrain pieces.


  1. Hi Craig - 'first NZ Impetus comp' I like your style.

    I don't think you need to be averse to the idea of Impetus events as competitions. The really grognardy ancients players will never, ever, play Impetus anyway; and I've always found that everyone can be trying to win, but still having fun, in SI FOW events.

    I really hope to be able to bring the Romans + Sarmatians South. Chris W quite likes playing Impetus too... so I might suggest we do a mission and he plays with loaner armies.

  2. Good point.

    If you guys could make it would be great, can understand that with the current situaiton in CHCH it might be possible. We've a few of the DBA guys who would like to join in so would be great if we could get 6-10 players

  3. I might have or three 300 points armies by then if i pull my paint brush figure out a bit further