Sunday, April 17, 2011

Progress on my Syrians

A busy week, I've managed to paint up 8 stands of Syrian Cavalry- 4 will be my CM Syrian Cavalry and the rest will be used as Ghulums. I have two more nights to paint this week and will get 4 stands of Bedouin Lancers done- these I intend to do a bit differently and give them a solid uniform look, I am considering dark blue robes, just to make the unit really stand out from the rest of the force. We will see how it looks when I do my first test base.

Next weekend is Easter and the New Zealand Wargaming Nationals (NATCON) are being held in Christchurch. I had decided not to go this year, mainly due to a lack of time. Instead I'll be heading down to the bach with the family. However, Jamie and Jason have decided to do an Impetus demo game since their War of the Ring comp has been cancelled. I had a chat to Kent and we've decided to pop up and support them on Friday which leaves the rest of the weekend and following week to spend at the bach.

We will run a 500 pt game with my Syrians vs Kent's Crusaders- hence the rush to get the figures painted!

The Syrian Cavalry

I still need to make some banners




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