Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Impetus: Syrians vs First Crusaders

A great game tonight, alas my luck deserted me in the last turn- along with my main commander and his followers.

Kent took to commands:
  • 20 point general (VD = 31)
  • 3 Cp knights
  • 4 CP knights foot
  • 2 crossbow
  • 2 CL turcoploes
  • 2 T Archers
  • 20 point General (VD= 25)
  • 4 CP knights
  • 1CP knight foot
  • 4 Fp infantry
  • 2 cross bow
  • Total point 498
My own commands had a VD of 20 and 17 so I was going to have to destroy a lot of stuff to win this one!

Kent Deploys

The Syrians Deploy

My Syrian cavalry on opportunity.

Kent sends his skirmishers forward.

Turcopoles advance.

Ghulums advance against the Crusader left flank.

The Syrian command advances- with the infantry leading.

The battle lines close.

Crusader knight tries to catch my infantry in the open!

Two Arab lancers take on a crusader knight.

And are quickly dealt with!

Skirmishing continues on my right flank.

Things are getting messy on my left!

Unsupported the crusader general engages the Ghulums.

Ah, some friends turn up to assist him.

But they are driven back- leaving the general unsupported and exposed!

The Crusader general is killed.

And the knight son the other flank are driven back...

Alas in my turn my own casualties are mounting and in fact Kent manages to get my larger command under half strength and so they retreat off the table, with my other command following. So close and yet so far.

Another close game which see-sawed and the result was always in doubt. I was quietly confident in that last turn but Kent massed his firepower and my force melted away.

The dead!

The difference in VD (break point for each command) is quite staggering- 51 pts to 37 so my force is a bit more fragile and I've yet to come to grips with it entirely. I think I need some militia levies to bulk out the force a bit more.

Hopefully I can do better on Friday.



  1. Nice AAR. Great photos and figures. Impetus gives a fun game every time. What size is your table?

  2. We are using a 6x 4 table- with 8cm frontages for the bases we can get 500-600 pts on table without too many issues.


  3. Great report :-)