Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Impetus: Syrians vs Crusaders

The first clash of Kent's new Perry mini's Crusader army vs my OG + Perry Syrians. I got to defend. 300 pts per side.

I took:
  • 3x Gulums
  • 2x Syrian Cav
  • 4x seljuks
  • 2x gaziz
  • 2x skirmishers

Kent fielded
  • 3x crusader knights
  • 2x dismounted knights
  • 4x spear
  • 2x crossbow

Kent's CM turkoples.

The Syrians deploy

The Crusaders advance

Into the Valley of Death the Syrians advance.

Seljuk's prepare to stop the turkopoles- they will fail miserably!

Meanwhile the Crusader knights close in on the Ghulums

The ghulums are on opportunity- awaiting developments.

Havng seen off the seljuks the Turkopoles advance.

Ghulums counter charge the incoming knights- but the dice go against us.

Gaziz charge the dismounted knights- and manage to destroy one unit!

In the centre we continue to lose to the crusaders.

Crusader foot advance to support the knights.

The Crusader general cuts down the Syrian general to win a crushing victory (17-6).

An overwhelming Crusader victory. I was out deployed and outplayed. Those crossbows are nasty as are the Norman knights- the big spear block protecting their flank , and a small block of dismounted knights on the other flank really worked well. Back to the drawing board. We hope to have a rematch next week- maybe at 400 pts if I can get some more Syrian allies done in time.

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