Friday, April 22, 2011

Impetus- NATCON Demo Games

Kent and I headed up to CHCh for our demo game of Impetus- it was a long day- 7am start, 2 1/2 hr drive to Christchurch, game then home again. It was worth it though.

Alas we got to Ashburton (1/2 way to CHCH) before I realised I'd left my camera at home- starting a bit early and waking up late is my excuse!. We got to the venue only to discover the one sharp corner we had gone round and tipped over my army carrying case in the boot of my car- first and last time I will put my army back there. Damage was minimal, just a of dehorsed cavalry and a couple of spears had come off- it could have been much worse!

Kent and my game we well. Kent's son, Justin, came up with us and he and Poochie, between his umpiring duties for FoW, joined in as co-commanders. Jason and Jamie were on the next table with 2x 400 pt armies- really nicely painted and great terrain. Between the two game we got a lot of players stopping by for a look, to check out the rules and be "converted"- well hopefully. A few players are showing interest for TAGCON and so that is looking promising for our 300 pt introductory competition.

The Syrian vs Crusaders game went the same way as the last two. Poochie rolled great dice and had the right flank Crusader command on the ropes but then he went away (umprijgn duties) and I managed to lose a couple of units and both commands on that flank broke- leaving Justin to pick off a couple of units to break my army- a lack of morale in both commands being my excuse. I am certain it is the lack of support nfantry (for cheap filler points to increase the Discipline Value-morale) is needed to add some staying power to my paper tigers. Another fun game though! However, I am tempted to run the army as Sultanate of Rum (with a few modifications) to see how that works- today the light horse were really staring to fire and can see mroe being a real handful to face.

We were planning on a big Teutonbourg Forest game for Conquest (Oct) and now Jason's force has "encouraged" me to work on my German army next...

Was also good to catch up with the FoW players form round the country but I am glad I'm not playing 3 days this weekend, I jsut don't think I could stay focused for that long (although it was great to catch upw ith players fomr round the coutnry and I'm looking forward to playing the Invercargill guys- who were at NATCON- at Southcon in June. For now, I'm looking forward to a few days at the bach with the family over the next week- and a chance to start work on the Germans!

Here are a couple shots of our game taken by Jamie- cheers Jamie!

And a few pictures from Kent:

Light infantry clash with dismounted knights.

the syrian Cavalry wotk theri way round the left flank.

My right flank- Bedoiun vs Turcopoles

Syrian light horse running riot and finishing off one general.

The dismounted knights clear the bad going of my light infantry.


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