Thursday, April 28, 2011

Impetus: Germans and Syrians

Whilst away on holiday for a few days I started my ancient German army for Impetus. I'm still not happy with the skin tones but will continue experimenting. So far I have completed:
  • 4x stands of warband
  • 2 rear ranks for large units
  • 1x stand of macemen
  • 1x medium cavalry

Here are the rear ranks of the large units of warband- only four figures per base. You can see the muddy swamp quite well in this one- I'm happy with the way this worked out.

And the Syrians- I rebased the Bedoiuns with 4 figures per stand last night (my latest army lists is only using 3 stands of heavier cavalry so I shouldn't miss the extra base). I will do the same with the Ghulums but will probably keep the Syrian Cavalry with only 3 figures per base to make them easier to tell apart from the Ghulums. I also rebased 2 stands of skirmishers. I really liked Jason and Jamie's 4cm deep bases for the skirmisher stands- it really made them stand out from the other units so I will, in time, slowly make my way through the skirmishers stands for my various armies and redo them on 4cm deep bases.



  1. Hi Craig,

    Germans look really good mate, as do the Syrians.

    I see you remembered to paint some blonde Germans... :) I look forward to our two tribes combining to take some Roman heads one day

  2. Lol- yes our conversation the other day re:hair colour helped there.

    Have now finished the city militia and reworking on the basing, hope to get some pictures soon