Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Syrians

Work continues on the Syrian army. In the past few days I've painted up three bases of Perry Turkomens and rebased my old Glory ones. I much prefer the Perry's but the Old Glory figures aren't too bad so will continue to be used as well.

After my conversations with Jamie last week I decided to go back to my original basing ideas, so the light horse are now based with 3 figures per base and heavier cavalry with 4. Tonight I rebased the Ghulums so there are now four on the base. However, the Syrians will remain with three figures per base to help differentiate them from the heavier Ghulums.

The Turkomans- 6 bases all up.

The Ghulums- 3 bases but eventually this will grow to 6.

I also painted up the Emir's Court which will be used as part of my camp.

I'm hoping to give Kent a game tomorrow night, 400 points. The reconfigured Syrians now have more light horse and the army looks like this:

Command: Average (range 30U)

Command 1 (TVU= 16)
Commander: Fair (+2 leadership)

1x CM Syrian- General
2x CM Ghulum archers
3x CL Turcomans
1x S Archers

Command 2 (TVD= 18)
Commander: Poor (+1 leadership)
1x CM Ghulam Lancers- general
2x CM Syrians
3x CL Turcomans
3x FP Ahdath Militia
2x FL Gaziz

We will see how it fares tomorrow night. It still is pretty fragile due to its Discipline Value but I'm hoping that the Turkomen will be able to use their composite bows to harry the Crusaders knights and reduce them before my heavier cavalry is forced to engage- well that's the theory anyway.

Ideally I'd like to run a third command at at 500 points think I would, grouping all the infantry into one command.



  1. Looking good Craig

    I like the split of the commands with one very mobile and the other a bit more solid. Still looks very light vs all the Heavy Crusader Knights though...good luck with that! :P

    The Emir's Court is sweet too


  2. Kent runs about 5 heavy Cav + 4-5 dismounted knights and so far it is the dismounted knights that cause more problems- the dismounted knights advance and the mounted knights act as battering ram/reserve (most of the time).

    The Skirmishers are added to the first command simply to boost the breakpoint to 8. In the battles so far the Turkomen have caused most concern to Kent so another two units of them could be handy.

    I'm tempted to run 3 lots of 2 turkomen and try to simply use traditional LH tactics to harass the enemy line, or even try to refuse one flank by holding it with either 2x turkomen or the ghulums (compo bow B) and try to throw he majority of the turkomens round the other flank to cause problems- not sure that plan will work in reality though.

  3. Hey Craig,

    Thats a tad tricky then. One cunning ploy could be to run 4 commands, with 2 of them just a CM unit (or 2) That way you could see Kent's deployment before you whack down your bigger commands. Its a bit "gamey" though.

    As his foot boys are FP you could hug the Broken Ground with your foot to delay them engaging? Then make a whole and ram all the Turokmens through to shoot him in the back?

    Sounds like its going to be pretty hard going though. I guess the Syrians are sort of like an Aulfklarungs Coy from FOW in their employment...and your fight Russian Heay Armour!