Friday, April 8, 2011

Next army...Alans?

I'm thinking of what army to build next. Jon's mini's Late Romans and Visigoths has inspired me to replace my 15mm Late Romans and Visigoths with 28mm versions. However, rather than Visigoths I think I'll build an army of Alans- an army I've enjoyed using in DBA and would like to make a 28mm version of. So over the last few days I've been looking at ranges to use for the Alans and think I have it sorted now:

Westwind: Arthurian Cav (some with Saxon heads) and Saxon warband for the heavy Cav and infantry- or maybe even a few modified GB Saxons and Vikings for variety. The infantry are supposed to be axemen so I'm not sure if the Westwind range will work.

GB: A few character types for variety- and their huns will be used for the Alan light horse

Musketeer Mini's- a few of their Saxons will be used for extra variety in the infantry.

I hope to order the figures in the next few days.


  1. Hi Craig,

    I approve of all Sarmatian type lists and definitely reckon this is better than another 'big unit of screaming melee guys' list.

    I've been looking at the Alan list too, since going the Sarmatian CP route is eye-wateringly expensive. Or Dacians... who can still have five units of Sarmatians!

  2. I've enjoyed the Alans in DBA and like LH forces- pity LH armies are a waste of time in DBA especially on the standard boards.

    Will be able to morph into several other forces too and ally with a few as well- lists that combine elements of other forces are a great way to build up different forces- part of the reasons the lLte Romans are so attractive!