Saturday, May 1, 2010

18mm AB Russians

My AB Russian force for Lasalle continues to grow. Last night I painted up the last 3 stands for each of my Uhlan and Hussar regiments to support my Grenadier brigade.

My core force is based on the 1st Division, 3rd Army Corps at Borodino (so I can include the Pavlovksi Grenadiers). I have decided to have my light cavalry drawn from the 1st Cavalry Reserve Corps- to get some more colourful uniforms.

Uhlans of the Guard

Hussars of the Guard

Both regiments.

So I now have the infantry and light cavalry finished, only 7 guns to make up and paint and the force will be complete.

Once the guns are done I will probably look at expanding my Jagers (currently one stand short for 2 battalions) up to 4 battalions so that I'll be able to use 2 support choices (of course that will also mean adding another artillery battery!). I also have a few dragoons so in future will expand those to another support choice (which means I'll need 12 stands of Dragoons too).

I like the way forces can be increased in manageable bites in Lasalle,and foresee us using 2-3 supports for Saturday afternoon games before too much longer.

Hourtoulle's Borodino, the Moskova, has been an invaluable resource for the uniforms.


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