Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DBA 15mm Numidians

A few of us have decided to go to a DBA comp in Christchurch in July. My only problem is I've gotten rid of most of my armies. I have some Numidian Light Horse and Libyan Spear ( both Old Glory) which were the start of my 15mm FOG Carthaginian Army but that went on the back burner some time last year (shortly after playing my first game of FoG). I did at the time order some Corvus Belli Carthaginians which have sat round ever since, so thought I'd use them to make a Numidian army as there are already several 15mm Carthaginian forces at TAG.

So last night I rebased the light Cav and elephant, and painted up the Auxillia and command Cavalry.

I hope to test it out tomorrow night all going well. There is something to be said for an army that can be taken as 6x psiloi and 6x light cavalry. I enjoyed using my 28mm Irish Auxillia so hope that the Numidian auxillia option will work okay for me.

Here are a few shots- the bases are using sand from a beach where we go every summer as its the best surf beach in this part of the country. I sue the sand for all my bases, this time though It is simply glued on and some silfour grasses added for contrast.

I really hate painting shields and will look at getting some transfers to finish them off.

The initial version will be:
  • 1x Cav General
  • 4x Light Horse
  • 1x Elephant
  • 5x Auxillia
  • 1x Blade

Light Horse, Elephant and Blade


Light Horse


  1. I think you will find it is spelt "Numidians" with a "d".

  2. I figured that out last night- they are not the near South Africa version :)

    Will correct it!


  3. Hopefully I've changed all the "Bs" to "Ds" :)