Friday, May 28, 2010

DBA II/56 Early Imperial Romans

A busy week of painting, due in part to floods down this way closing my school on Wednesday, has meant that I've completed the first part of my Warlord Games Early Imperial Romans, at least enough for a DBA game!

The figures are outstanding, my only complaint is the size of the auxiliaries vs the legionnaires. They are huge, I know that they are supposed to be the larger Germanic/Gaulish types but really, the difference is very, very noticeable. However, the plastic auxiliary figures are nicely animated though and are my preferred poses.

As per normal they are based to my own heretical conventions rather than "standard" DBA- that way they can be used for both Big Base DBA and Impetus. I hope to give Finn a try at Impetus soon. I'm not sure if the rules will be too complex for him but I think he should be able to handle it.

Anyway, here is the army so far.

Early Imperial Romans

4x Legionnaires (Blades)

3x Auxillia (should be 4)

I need 4 bases but there were only 24 figures in the box which is enough for 3 bases @ 8 figures per base) One is without a transfer on his shield- this will be rectified once I get some more auxiliaries as I ran out of transfers having done the axillary cavalry first.

2x Praetorian Guard

Not really needed (except as pseudo auxillia for the next wee while), but can be used as veteran legionnaires to differentiate the different units.

3x Auxillary Cavalry (Wargames Factory figures)

The Wargames factory Cav figures are much bigger than the legionnaires and my plan is to replace them with some Warlord Games Cav as soon as I can. Warlord Games have an Auxillia special deal (48x auxillia, 2 commands, and 10x Aux Cav for 50 pound so think I'll grab one of those as then I should have 10 bases worth of Auxillia and 10 of legionnaires). Of course to get the free shipping I'll need to add a few other things to round out the force (such as the western archers...)

1x Warmachine

And a few shots of the infantry battle line.

What Next?
Well I still need another 5 bases of Auxillia, a couple of bases worth of western archers and 2-3 more Cavalry to do a Double -DBA force (or more variety for Impetus) so will get those ordered soon.

I've 5-6 more bases of legionnaires and Veteran legionnaires to finish off as well.

I also need a few more boxes of Gauls/Britons (including another 3-4 chariots) to complete a Double DBA Ancient Britons/Gauls force



  1. Craig they are looking outstanding really nice work. I'm looking at starting some 28mm trojan wars figures for my ancients. They should be able to fight those nice looking greeks or spartans when you get them

  2. Excellent! I look forward to it.

    What company are you looking at using?