Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brunanburh Playtest Part 2

I did a couple of turns to get the hang of things. I will probably make a few tweaks to the Warmaster system as I go.

1. The West Saxons advance but the Mercians fail their command roll and stay put.

The Scots also advance while the Dubliners stay put! Command and control? What command and control?

The West Saxons and Scots clash in the centre. The Scots lose a stand and are driven back. First blood to Wessex.

In the Irish/Scots turn there are two clashes.The West Saxons lose a stand in the centre and fall back while the Scottish berserkers (highlanders) clash with the Mercians but the result is a draw and both sides retreat to regroup.

Rules Changes

1. Hits carry over against a stand from turn to turn.
2. For each hit a stand takes it has one less dice in subsequent combats (minimum of one die though).
3. I am toying with the idea of stands supporting a combat getting one die on combat as well- with only 1/3 the stands there is a lot less dice so combats are potentially less decisive.


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