Monday, May 24, 2010

28mm HoTT: Beastmen vs the Gauls

A rainy day so had a couple of Games of HoTT with Finn after he'd finished school. He took the beastmen army, I ran with the Gauls.

  • Boris the beastman (hero)
  • 2x Behemoths (Minotuars)
  • 4x Ogre warband
  • 2x beasts (Wolves)
  • 2x Heroes
  • 6x Warband
  • 2x beasts (warhounds)

The two armies advance

Pretty similar set ups- beasts on the flanks, heroes/behemoths and warband together.

The heroes and behemoths line up...

Game over: The two lines meet, the only decisive result was the behemoth hero losing combat vs the Celtic hero and so being cut down in his prime. Seeing their leader slain the army decided to pack up and go home!

Game 2:
Finn swapping a beast for a flyer element and converting Boris to a Behemoth (so he can't get himself killed by Heroes so easily!).

This time the Celts advanced into beastman territory.

The Celts ran out of steam (and pips) so waited to see the Beastmen's response-a general advance with the flyer scooting out to a flank.

At moments like these the only thing to do is...CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it all went horribly wrong! The beasts outflanked his beasts but lost the combat, then the behemoth forced back my general, leaving my warband exposed to two angry behemoths that promptly romped through the warband- quick kills leave 4 dead warband!

The Celtic casualties.

Game, set and match to the beastmen. The Celts retreat to lick their wounds.

We might need to set up a final later in the week!


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