Friday, May 21, 2010

DBA Battle of Balaclavacus

Next week we are doing a charge of the Light Brigade in DBA, with Chariots- Dave Batchelor has a scenario from Slinghot that he is just itching to try out.

Next Week- Really big DBA - 54BC....The Battle of Balaclavus. Hopefully a full turnout of DBAers as we can have 4 players per side. I will of course play my natural role as a gentle loving god beloved by all. At this stage we will probably have Caesar Rippin commanding the Romans including Oliver, and Pommie Git Raglani Malone fighting for a free Britain. We will have to find a suitable sucker (also known as Hero) to play the Chariot Commander Lord Cardiganus (Only requirement is to know the word"Charge"). The Romans will have the advantage of having heaps of artillery but operating in 4 well separated groups. Can the masses of Brits operating with interior lines in the valley defeat the hated invaders? The forces are as per the dba lists -Marian Romans & Ancient Brits with the artillery as a bonus for the Romans,the possibility of reinforcements for the Brits if Raglani thinks they are needed. The more he adds the higher the victory conditions for the Brits. Each commander will have between 10-16 elements to command. Depending how it works out I might do a write-up for the Society of Ancients Magazine on our version of the battle which may give some free publicity to Timaru Historics!

The forces:
  • Roman Right Flank Outpost- 8 Blades (incl Gen), 2 psiloi and 2 catapults
  • Roman Right/Centre Force (Oliver)- 8 Blades, 2x Psiloi, 1x Cav (Gen), 2 x catapults
  • Roman Centre (way down the valley) Heaps of artillery and Caesar(Blade Gen), 8 Blades, 2 Psiloi and 2 Cav
  • Roman Left Flank Outpost 2 wagons (loaded up catapults), 4 Cav, Cav Gen, and a wee way away 6 Blades 2 Psiloi
  • Raglanni Centre Reserve- Warband Gen, 6 WB, 4 Psiloi, 2 Lght Hrse
  • Lord Cardiganus Centre- 12 chariots (incl Gen)
  • Lucani Left Flank- 1 Ch (Gen), 10 Warbands, 4 x psiloi
  • Nolano Right Flank- 1Ch (Gen), 6 Lght Hrse, 6 WB

Emergency Reserves- More Warbands and Psiloi.
So that's the basic briefing.

And for the historical document it was based on:

From the latest Society of Ancients magazine Slingshot "Approximately 120 miles north of London a team of Archaeologists has discovered a previously unknown battle site from Caesar's second invasion of ancient Britain. In addition to the usual detrius of warfare: various weapons, shields helmets, pieces of chariots and of course dozens of skeletons an amazing find was uncovered by Dr Benjamin Joyce. Three intact scrolls were found within what is believed to be the trenches of the Roman camp. The ancient author has been identified as L. Tennisonius, a little known poet who it is believed lived from around 80 to 30 or 25 BC. Only fragments of his work survive but it is understood he was with Caesar during the fall and winter of 54BC. Though the translation is not yet complete, experts from the Classical Languages Department at Oxford have deciphered the following lines:

Half a Roman league, half a Roman league,
half a Roman league onward
All in the valley of Death
Rode the seven hundred
"Forward the Light Chariots"
"Charge for the bolt shooters!" he said:
Into the valley of Death
Rode the seven hundred.

Forward the Light chariot "Brigade"!
Was there a warrior dismay'd?
Not one Raglanni knew
Some chieftan had blunder'd
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs but to paint their chests
And bellow a war cry
Into the valley of Death
Rode the seven hundred.

We look forward to the full translation. But in the meantime there is enough information to recreate this unknown battle between Caesar's Legions and the Ancient Brits under Raglanni.

It should be good.

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