Saturday, May 8, 2010

Next Projects

The new Wargames Illustrated arrived on Thursday and the Dark Ages Irish theme from last issue continues with the Battle of Brunanburh (937AD) which pits the forces of Wessex and Mercia vs the Norse Irish and Pre-Feudal Scots. This has inspired me to refight this battle in both DBA and Warmaster Ancients in the next few weeks.

So I’ve had a tally up of my 28mm troops and have discovered that my DBA Welsh force (they will be pressed ganged into service to represent Mercia) is still lacking a general and 2x warband/spear units. Crusader Miniatures has just released a very nice looking range of 28mm Scots so I think I’ll get a couple of blisters to finish off the welsh and add even more variety to the rag-tag bunch.

Not only that but Gripping Beast have released their plastic Vikings and they look very, very sweet! It is hard to resist such beautiful (and affordable) plastics. I still need Viking and Norman forces for my Dark Ages armies so may have to put them on the shopping list for the future- my only issue is having use Vikings in 15mm they are a pretty boring army to use, fun to paint though!

The Numibians vs Romans game the other night has also inspired me to do a 28mm Numibian army and Imperial Romans in 28mm. Looking at the WI Warlord Games has a good Roman starter Army at present (
60 Imperial Roman Legionaries, 20 Praetorian Guard, 20 Veterans and 24 Auxiliaries) for only 50pds. With the exchange rate being the best it has been in years and free shipping on orders over 75pd if I add a warmachine, some Celt chariots (to finish off my Celts) and warhounds (for my HoTT army) I will have the start of another force and should have enough minis left for a mate to start an army too.

So the question is where to start! Well obviously the Romans! I will also look at getting the Numibians and Welsh (Scots) from Warweb.

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