Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lasalle- First Game

My sojourn int Napoleonics continues. I have finished my Polish infantry and have started on the French. I was in a bit of a qunadry over the figures to use but have decided on a mix of fusiliers and grenadiers (3 bases of fusiliers, one of grenadiers) with the voltigers being the skirmishers stands. No photos of these yet, just finished the first battalion last night.

Here is a photo of the Poles. Alas I have no Polish Grenadiers so intend to buy enough to do 5 bases worth (30 figs)

Kent and I managed our first game of Lasalle tonight. No doubt we did a few things wrong but it felt pretty intuitive, movement was straight forward and the last couple of turns when we got into combat the mechanics felt smooth so I think it will probably suit our purposes. That being said, I think we will continue to use Shako II for higher level games as we both like the feel of that too.

I took a Russian grenadier company supported by light cavalry while Kent defended with a French Veteran infantry brigade supported by some elite infantry. He was mortified to find my troops superior to most of his- ha no more UBER-French!

Deployment- Russians on the right, French on the left.

The Russians advance.

The French redeploy to face the Russian threat.

Why am I advancing into a wood? Surely there must be a cunning plan!

After about 11 turns the light Cavalry arrive.

Meanwhile we'd captured the two buildings n the centre. My artillery failed over about 6 turns to finish off a badly disordered French line battalion- Grrr.

French infantry defend the centre.

Finally on the left flank the Russian infantry close with the French.

From another angle.

On the other flank the cavalry advance to unhinge the line.

alas the attack is driven off with heavy losses (2 battalions eventually crack)

We got through 16 turns. In the end I had lost 3 battalions of infantry to Kent's one battery of guns -I shouldn't have sent my troops though a wood!

It played well and was fun- I liked the fact that infantry can't charge in march formation- none of our issues with Shako II. The game looked and felt right so we'll try a few more games before to much longer.

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