Sunday, May 30, 2010

Too many projects

My 28mm Romans and Britons continues but is slightly side tracked. Some 15mm Xyston Seleucids arrived yesterday, beautiful figures- enough to make me replace my Gauls/Galatians and Numidian infantry with this range. I got some Corvus Belli Gauls and Libyans last year and quite frankly wasn't overly impressed . I'd heard good things about the range but I don't like it, maybe its too "true 15mm" for my taste, but the bigger and bulkier Xyston figures with their crisp detail are, IMO, amongst the best 15mm ranges avaialble. I've heard of some scale issues but we'll see.

So there are a couple more projects to do. I completed the first 3 elemetns of Seleucids last night (they are one of my maybe lists for the comp in CHCH) and intend to finish the rest this week.

Also, next weekend is Queens Birthday weekend in New Zealand and that means its the annual Dunedin wargaming comp, Southcon. My friend Richard runs the Flames of War and always puts an interesting spin on things. Southcon attracts most of the top South Island players, including the Invercargill guys who have some very good players but they only travel to two comps-NATCON and Southcon. As all the South Islanders were in one group at NATCON we didn't get to play so I hope to get to play against a few of them this time round. As is usual, Southcon is a mid war comp.

I haven't looked at a Flames of War figure since NATCON and really can't be arsed coming up with a new force in a week or so. I've gone Axis as the Russians have had a good run of comps in the past year. In the past I have never got to grips with armoured panzer grenadiers (won a Mid War Comp with Armoured Aufklarung- more half tracks is good) but now that they price has come down for the half tracks, and given my recent successes with Rota Razvedki, I feel its time to give them a try. So have come up with a list based on what I've got available. Usually we playtest for about 4-6 weeks prior to a comp, but not this time, I'll be making it up as we go!

I wanted a '42 theme to run one of my panzer-grey forces (typically round here most guys run late '42 arioes os I usually end up having to use those (I try to match my force to the campaign/timeframe of my opponents in freindlies). Also I chose '42 to exclude the gear that is so prevalent amongst mid war Germans at present- panzerwerfers and HS 129s. By picking Stalingrad as a theme I can force myself not to take those!

So this is what I'm going to go with:
Armoured PGs- Stalingrad
2x HQ 70

7x Armoured PGs + P/K

7x Armoured PGs 230

3x Panzer IV F1 300
3x Nebelwerfers 115
3x Marder Is 220
2x SiG 133s 170
3x Pak 38s + 4xH/Ts 160

So we'll see how it fares.


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  1. I've just started out in FoW and also running Armoured PzGrens. I'm curious as to how you go with them, and also how you intend to run them.