Thursday, May 6, 2010

DBA 15mm Numidians

Last night the Numidians got their first taste of action in a battle where I was extremely indecisive and paid the price. Tony, as usual, kept his flanks protected and awaited the opportunity.

I has intended to get round a flank early and see what happens- and in hindsight I should have!

Tony took Mid Imperial Romans- lots of blades, auxillia, Cav and artillery

The Numibians advance while the Romans simply reorganise slightly- and send the Cav to bolster their left flank.

The Numibian infantry advance, while the light horse prepare to scoot round the flank. Someone once told me in DBA you don't split your forces- oops too late. Note the Romans haven't :)

On the left A skirmish in the forest between Auxillia but the Roman Aux simply retreated. My light horse on the other flank got overrun by the advancing Roman Cav (after the other one fled).

My general then flanksed a Roman LH, forcing it to recoil into the Roman general- who then retreated in his turn.

The end is nigh! The fight between Aux in the woods ended when a Roman blade got involved and started hacking to pieces my Auxillia. The artillery took a potshot at another auxllia and it simply blew up,. Sensing the game slipping away the foolhardy Numidian general threw "Lucky" the elephant into a blade...which turned out to be a auxillia. The elephant forced it to retreat andw as mobbed in the Roman turn and the game ended with the Romans feasting on elephant steaks! The Numidian cameraman was crushed under the elephant on so no photos of the embarrassing debacle have surfaced!

Tony kept his lines intact and prevented my from utilising my LH (or did I do that myself?), but was an interesting army to try and I look forward to mastering it (one day!) and is a fun, if challenging force to use. My lack of tactics and wait and see approach didn't work (surprise, surprise!).

I do have plans to do a 28mm Numidian force form my 28mm Big Base games.

The results of the game were to count for a multiplayer that happened afterwards- any surviving elements of the 3 games being played got to take part in the multiplayer. Of the 5 elephants that started the one vs ones, only 2 made it to the multiplayer.

This game too went against the Numidians whose woeful dice rolling was monumental- needing a 2 to destroy (va recoil) some enemy Cav was just one of example. I a managed to lose every combat I entered and got crushed by some angry Indians. As there were some very strange combos (Patrician Romans, Viking and Classical Indians on one side, Numbians, Mid Imperial Romans and some sort of Pike heavy Greek types- with elephant) the less said the better


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