Friday, January 22, 2010

My plans for 2010:

Another three evenings of painting this week. I have managed about 5-6 stands of Celts/Gauls (Warlord Games figs) and a 4x test figs of the Wargames Factory Romans tonight. So my Celtic army is already 50% complete- 6 stands of warband and one of psiloi so am well on the way with my current projects.

So what are my plans in 28mm this year?

1. Dark Ages Armies
1. Anglo-Danish (done)
2. Pre-Feudal Scots (awaiting figs for 5x stands of spear to finish them off)
3. Norse-Irish- figs on the way (will be a mix of Crusader and Gripping beast- I hope they are compatible!)
4. Welsh (to be collected once the Norse-Irish are done, probably using the Gripping Beast range)
5. Vikings- a mix of Gripping Beast and Wargames Factory at this stage.
6. Normans (infantry on the way but knights will wait until later- I get the feeling I have already have bitten off more than I can chew!)

Each army will be a standard DBA army but easily adaptable to Basic Impetus and also am looking at making each up to a 1000pt Warmaster force for when I try out the 28mm Warmaster Ancients.

2. Punic Wars
Carthaginians- some of the recently arrived Wargames Factroy figs to get started. Cav and Spanish Scuttari are on the way via Crusader Miniatures, and I think I also ordered some elephants from Renegade Miniatures so will be a real mix of manufacturers. I intend to convert some Wargames Factory Romans to Imitation Legionnaires and also use the Numidian range.

Republican and Marian Romans- using the Wargames factory range with Triari from other manufacturers- I like the look of the renegae figs for this

Gauls- well of almost an army already so why not complete it?

I have a plan to try and do a 2000pt Warmaster Ancients Carthage vs Rome demo game at TAGCON later in the year and have made up a couple of lists to aim towards!

3. HoTT
I have made a starter army for Finn already an intend to make a couple more by converting my recently completed WoTR Rohan and Isengard armies to HoTT as well as make a wood elf army. I picked up 48 GW WoTR wood elves for about $20 a few weeks back and want to add a couple of aerial heroes and fliers (using GW warhawks?) to be able to field a double DBA force of wood elves. My only dilemma is what to count the elves as, I was going to divide them into spear, blade and bows but seems a bit silly having a wood elf army the fights at a penalty in its home terrain of forests! So think they might end up being bow, warband and possibly a few lurkers as well.

Other Goals
Also to try out Warmaster in 28mm incorporating the Ancients changes to the rules. Not sure why but Warmaster is really starting to appeal as a ruleset for 28mm gaming, even though Basic Impetus is probably a better system.

Well enough ramblings for now, might have to try to get some photos of the Celts done soon.

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