Monday, January 18, 2010

HoTT: Isengard vs Humans

Finn and I had a quick game of HoTT today

Hero Gen
2x Behemoths
3x warband
3x riders

2x Heroes (1x Gen)
4x Spear
2x blade
2x beasts

The Human army assembles for battle.

Trolls and Warg riders advance.

The human line stands firm.

The sneaky spears try to "close the door" on a troll but the humans are recoiled and the trolls follow up.

The beasts have dealt with the riders and now the Urak Hai general is isolated and outflanked- he is about to roll a "1" and die.

Meanwhile the trolls force the human further back but without a decisive victory.

Win to the humans. Finn needed to move his warband up to prevent his riders and general being outflanked but he's getting the basics down and likes smashing things with trolls!

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