Sunday, January 17, 2010

28mm HoTT Human Army

Well, I've finished basing the Pre-Feudal Scots and added 2x stands of GW wolves (beasts) that had been lying around so that I can convert them into a HoTT human army. Eventually I'll replace the GW wolves with a couple of stands of Warlord Games wardogs.

HoTT human army

1x Hero General
1x Hero
2x warband
2x blades
2x beasts
1x sneaker (Psiloi)

My Anglo-Danish General prepares for action.

The Warband assemble

The General and hero

The beasts

I'm very happy with the way the bases have turned out- next task to complete the Anglo-Danes bases.

So how has the army fared? The army, including 2x blade and 4x spear (no warband or sneakers) got trounced by the Urak Hai commanded by an 8 year old!

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