Saturday, January 30, 2010

Basing (Again)

Well I've decided to update my "new" basing system. I have painted up four stands of Norse-Irish auxilia this week and wasn't completely happy with the look of 6 figures on the 8cm x 5cm deep base; they looked a tad too crowded. So last night I re-based them on 8cm x 6 deep bases and preferred the look. This also just happens to be the depth that my Ogres (Warband) in Boris the Behemoth's HoTT army were based- so think I'll modify my new conventions slightly. I will keep blade (4), spear (4), psiloi and similar on 5cm deep bases and have 6 cm deep bases for warband, auxillia, bow, Heroes (HoTT) and 7cm deep bases for cavalry.

The main reason to do this is I can't be naffed rebasing the just completed Anglo-Danes and blades for the Irish-Norse and Pre-Feudal Scots armies to a 6cm deep convention. I will however have to re-base the Celts (only 6 bases) and possibly my light horse and Cav for the Scots- but as the difference is only 1 cm I'm in no hurry to do this and instead will continue to concentrate on getting the Norse- Irish and Pre-Feudal Scots done.

So bascially the basin convention is simply DBA base depths +3 cm- for HoTT I will keep to similar depths, as I don't really want to go beyond 7cm deep bases as they start to get to unwieldy to move on the table amongst terrain.

Anglo- Irish Update
4 stands of Auxilia done and based, only have to paint and flock the bases before I get some photos of them.

Alsas I have run out of Gripping Beast Figures so next project is to complete the 2x elements of Norse-Irish Ostmen for the blades component of the army.

These auxilia bases can also sub in as the spear component of the Pre-Feudal Scots until the figures for that army arrive. Once botha re done I'll only need to do another 3-4 stands to be able to morph the Welsh, Norse-Irish and Pre-Feudal Scots out of the core units (I will need a total of 15 spear/auxilia elements between them for when the Scots and the Weleh fight)

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