Saturday, January 30, 2010

10mm Warmaster/HoTT

A few years ago I bought an Warmaster undead army- we tried the rules a couple of times (Dale being a big fan at the time) but I didn't really like the diceyness and also the never ending charges (the latter being fixed in Warmaster Ancients). One of the local gamers, Tony is making 100 Year War armies in 10mm and they look beautiful, while Dave is building 10mm HoTT armies, so I've done a bit of rebasing and the army got a run in a multi-player HoTT game the other week. The undead crushed the humans facing them- thanks to the combination of an aerial hero and two flyers.

There are plenty more troops (all told its a couple of thousand points for Warmaster) so can easily field 2-3 evil armies out of this lot.

The aerial hero and flyers.

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