Friday, January 22, 2010

DBA II/11 Gauls

Another work in progress that I started this week- Celts/ Gauls. It was because of these guys that I've upscaled to 28mm. I started to build a WoTR Isengard army and thought some Warlord Games Celts would make for great Dunlendings so ordered a couple of boxes. And its been all down hill from there.

So far I have done 6x bases of warband with 6 figs per base (3 warband in DBA terms)
1x Psiloi stand.

I intend to add the last 2x warband, 2x cav and a warband general stand in the next few days.

I think the photos show why I've decided to double up the figures and base the way I have- you get more of a feel of action that a single rank of 3-4 figures on a standard DBA base. It is amazing what a difference a little effort in the basing makes- I don't consider myself a good painter by any stretch (these guys are all simply block painted and washed with GW Ogryn Wash, most I haven't even bothered to highlight!) but they look the part and the basing, although simple, really lifts them up another notch. What did we ever do before Silfor came on the scene? I really can't recommend the Silfor 6mm tufts enough, they are fantastic!

Warlord Games Celts
I really like the Warlord Games Celts, they are well sculpted and proportioned. My only issue is the number of crouching figures, almost half of them seem to be crouching. Other people have commented on a lack of shields (only 50% of the infantry have shields) but this seems to have a nice balance to me, a few more would be handy but the figures don't look too bad with only half of them carrying shields.

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