Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DBA Dark Ages Campaign

For the past year Stephen has been running a DBA campaign at TAG- we started out with about 7 players and currently are in the third campaign year.

The Southern Kingdoms- Wessex, Kent, Anglia and Wales have signed a non-aggression pact and are currently campaigning against the Scots and miscellaneous Northerners. Most of the action has been taking place around Bernicia (the kingdom of which was totally crushed by the Southerners), the Pennines (recently captured by Anglia) and Cumbria. We are in the summer turn of the third year and Wales and Wessex are due to fight against Douglas and Skye for posession of this territory. My victorious armies have invaded Bernicia but it has been ransacked by the departing Scots.


  1. I like it, this is a bit addictive this blogging

  2. A nice map for what sounds like an interesting campaign. Hopefully you will provide further updates as the campaign progresses.