Monday, January 27, 2014

WIP- Perry DAK Infantry

The new Perry releases has inspired me to get to work on my Mediterranean theatre German infantry. My aim is to build a force suitable for the desert or for the Sicily/Italy campaigns.

I aim to build 3x 8 man squads to begin with, each with 2 LMGs to represent a panzer grenadier platoon. I must say that I enjoyed putting together the Perry infantry far more than I did the Bolt Action EW Germans which are IMO far too fiddly with too many pieces. In fact in future I will be going with metals rather than with the BA plastics, and have just ordered some BTD Russians as I can't face assembling the BA plastic ones.

 My only gripe with the Perry's is a lack of extra weapons, in fact there is a shortage of rifles in the box set. To rectify this I am using some arms from the Warlord Games Germans to add more variety. Some of the arms are a bit long so have been shortened slightly but overall the work pretty well. 

A few Bolt Action additions to the Perry minis.

 A kneeling LMG team

 The kneeling guy below is probably my favourite figure so far.

Basing and highlights to do but am happy with them so far.

My only question being in the main rulebook it states 2 LMGs for +20pts, not +20pts each. Everyone else gets 1 for 20pts, I wonder if this is a typo.



  1. They're coming along nicely, I do like what you've done with the mix of plastics. I also went with the kneeling mg team, very cinematic!
    Not sure about the 20pts, although if it's right you've just found the hidden German special rule!

  2. Hi Ste. Thanks, an easy conversion. Searched the WG forums and eventually found a reply from Rick P stating it is 20pt each :(