Friday, January 31, 2014

BA 8th Army vs DAK

Having completed 800 pts for each side now it was time to give Finn a taste of the rules, we each had 800pts of stuff.

Reg officer
3x DAK platoons (Vets)
artillery observer
Panzer III J

8th Army
Reg officer
3x Reg platoons
2 pdr
Vickers MMG
3" mortar
AT rifle

As it turned out the Germans were outnumbered and out diced, as soon as I get some MMGs and mortars we will try it again. I also want to add a pa 38 to the German list.

Germans on the left, larger British force on the right. 
 My newly painted up Paner III "special". I need to get some transfers ordered.  
An a Valentine II. Alas both our tans were taken out by artillery strikes- both rolling 6s to hit when our bombardments came in!
The British advance on their left flank with 2 sections.
The panzer III searching for targets. It hit the valentine on turn 1 but the shot glanced off the Valentines' front armour.
The 2 pdr lines up the panzer III.
The British artillery strike pinned almost all the German platoons- not good! We'll leave off board artillery at home next time and focus on getting to grips with infantry tactics.
The pinned Germans were routed in hand to hand fighting.
And the same on the left flank.

Was an enjoyable first time but need to have similar number of dice next time and focus on a few basic elements.- the artillery strike was too effective.



  1. Hi Craig, Desert wars with BA is incredibly cool. Just something about it reminds me of my old ESCI Commonwealth troops, overabundance of grenade throwing and bayonet stabbing, poses and all. :-)

    I like the BA arty rules but yes probably a bit much for 800 pts.

    1. I think we made a mistake with the number of hits generate and see its been errated. Was fun though.

      My favourites were the old matchbox 1:76 scale figures