Friday, January 24, 2014

Ever wanted to build a castle?

One thing NZ doesn't have is castles. We have one, apparently, it's Called Larnach's Castle in Dunedin which is more of a mansion and gardens and so it is  not what I would call a castle- I was disappointed going there as a kid as I as expecting it to be castle.

However, just north of Oamaru is a place called Riverstone Kitchen which is the only South Island winner of NZ restaurant of the year. 10 years ago it was a paddock, now it is a restaurant, cafe and giftshops and soon they will have a castle.  Not sure if it is to ward off Norma invasions or what but it will look pretty impressive once finished. It will be faced in the local Oamaru stone (limestone) and comes compete with  moat!


  1. I felt exactly the same about Larnach's Castle as a kid too. This looks rather promising though. Could be a great setting for a wargames convention!!

  2. This one is going to look great once finished.

    Holding a convention thee is a great idea!


  3. Apparently some Engineer guy is also building one here in CHCH out TaiTapu way... plans on it being the most eco-friendly house as the roof is entirely made up of solar panels.

    Also.. Hirst Arts... I see what you did there Craig... shameless free plug... get some molds readers and beautify your terrain or build a 28mm castle... awesome stuff

    1. Hope the one near CHCh is earthquake proof!

    2. Its called chapman hall castle, there is a video if you google it, from an architecture point of view, its modern architecture at its best for New Zealand, worth a look anyway... I would only assume its built to last... but the guys clever as sooo one would hope so!!!