Monday, January 6, 2014

FoW- LW US Armoured Recon

I have to admit I love playing mechanised forces- armoured panzer grenadiers, armoured auflkarung, cossacks, motostrelkovy and rota razvedi are some of my favourite FoW forces. I've always meant to give US Armoured Rifles a crack in a comp but never got round to it and for some time (several years in fact) I've been meaning to get a US Armoured Recon force built.

Day of Days this year with its the breaout form Normandy theme has 2x 1100 pt forces with limited support options (max of 2 x div/corps support) per team. Bigger tables (6x5) means mechanised forces get a chance to shine (I hope) so I see it as a good opportunity to run some good old fashioned mechanised troops. With that in mind I've been working on my US Armoured Rifles and Armoured Recon as my probable front runners. Here is the force I'm going to playtest on Weds night vs my Shits and giggles German panzer company that Dale will be running on my behalf: 5x tiger 1s! Oh yeah. Challenges are good.

Anyway the force I've come up with is:

2AD Armoured Recon Company- CV  
2x        M8 Greyhounds       85
2x        M8 Greyhounds + jeeps     130
2x        M8 Greyhounds + jeeps     130
4x        Stuarts           210
1x        Reduced Armoured Rifles- 4x 50 cals     255
4x        Hellcats (CT) 290

 Company HQ ad 2x armoured recon patrols

 Reduced Armoured Rifle platoon and a platoon of 81mm Mortars which are actually part of the armoured company that I will be supporting but as they were painted last night needed to get involved in the photo shoot.
 A platoon of CT hellcats. My main defence vs enemy tanks such as... 5 tigers!
 A platoon of 4 Stuarts (though a 5th has snuck in for the photo)- these were repainted last night. In the distance are 2x Scotts which wont be used on Weds but I am keen to include them combat attached to the patrols for a bit of extra oomph in bigger points games.
 The mortar platoon.

 The recon will be supporting an Armoured Company which will be run by Kent.       
2AD Tank Company- CV 
2x        75mm Shermans     165
4x        75mm Shermans     335
4x        76mm Shermans     490
3x        M4 81mm Mortars    110
 They will be up against: 

  Schwere Tiger Company-Dale  
1x        Tiger E           225
2x        Tiger Es         430
2x        Tiger Es         430
SS Armoured Panzer Grenadiers- Brad (FV)  
2x        HQ- SMG teams (1xP/F)     85
1x        HQ panzershrek       40
7x        SS Panzer Grenadiers, P/Faust    270
7x        SS Panzer Grenadiers, P/Faust    270
3x        Pak 40s  + half tracks          215
4x        Armoured panzwerwerfers (CV)   230
            TOTAL:           1110

My plan vs 5 tigers? Simple, float like a butterfly, sting like a bee and if that fails, "run away!"



  1. Looks like fun to me.
    Go fast, take chances!
    Machine gun things!

  2. Yep, if it's not a tiger MG it to death shall be my mantra.