Friday, January 31, 2014

A new bach

Somehow over the break I managed to buy a new holiday home. We  spotted it while on a walk one evening at Kakanui and went for a look the next day and ended up putting an offer in. Being an unintended purchase it has meant we’ve spent quite a bit of time tidying up our current bach and getting it ready to sell. We enjoy the place we have, it is sunny and secluded and is a proper bach, no flashy modern holiday home here; it's pretty basic but a great spot to relax but if we were to live in it long term it would need some major renovations- I had an draftsmen teed up start drawing up some plans for an additional bedroom the day after we found the new place. 

The new place is a modern (holiday/family) home-  (iits only a few years old and has all the mod cons you'd expect). It’s on the seaward side of Kakanui and has great views over over the northern beach and Kakanui river mouth. I am buying it with an eye to the future, intending it as a place for us to move down to and live in permanently (sooner hopefully rather than later). In the short term though we’ll rent it out and maybe aim is to set it up as a holiday home rental with book-a-bach for next summer (probably from round Oct).

We went unconditonal and put the deposit on it this week so now just have to wait till the official purchase date at the ed of February. 

Kakanui- the surf beach (Campbell's bay) is at the bottom of the shot and is about 4km of golden sand and great surf. 
The new place.
It's also about a 250m-300m walk down the hill to the surf beach.  Now all I need to do is sell our current bach to get the mortgage back down to a reasonable level.



  1. Very nice ! You co7uld make a wargames holiday centre. I'm in Oamaru quite often, that coast down there is great.


    1. If you are ever passing through Timaru looking for a game Jacko, drop me a line.

      The North Otago coast is truely spectacular.

  2. What a great looking place.