Thursday, January 30, 2014

DAK Platoon completed

The platoon for the Afrika Korps is now completed and will be the basic building block of the force.
It includes:
Lieutenant and NCO
Medic (conversion)
3x squads of 1x SMG (NCO), 1x LMG, 8x riflemen.

I also have 3 extra LMG teams done.

I need to add 2x MMGs and an 81mm mortar to round out the 800 pt force.  I am aiming for it to e representative of a force during the battles of Alamein and intend to add some minefields and barbed wire entanglements, along with a section of pioneers (I've ordered some TAG panzerknackers for these and hope they aren't too large compared to the Perry's). 

The figures have only been block painted and then an Army Painter soft tone wash added, I've still to go over and highlight the uniforms.

The medic.

 The lieutenant.
 An LMG conversion. The LMGs are on slightly deeper bases to make it easier to pick them out form the other teams.

The infantry fan out and advance. I know that multi-basing isn't everyone's cup of tea for games like Bolt Action but I like it for two reasons:
1) you can make much more interesting (scenic) bases
2)  you don't need to unpack, move and repack so many figures during the game. 

Overall I'm happy with the look of them so far but need to get cracking and order a couple of MMGs and the mortar from the Perry's.


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