Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bolt Action: Slaughter in the jungle

Dave has picked up some Japanese for Bolt Action so he and Kent used them vs my 14th Army British.Today I painted up a sniper team to use against them and was feeling reasonably confident going into the game. We decided on a refight our last battle (point defence) this time with the British as defending.

I ran
1st Liuetentant and sergeant
FOO (free)
3x rifle sections
1x Ghurka section (Vets)
1x sniper
1x Vickers MMG
1x recce carrier.

Kent and Dave ran:
HQ + sergeant
light mortar
2x 11man rifle sections
10x vets
1xJuu MMG
1x Chi ha tank

I put my Gurkhas and carrier in reserve while the Japanese deployed their entire force. 

Turn 1, the Japanese move onto the table. The preliminary bombardment killed a couple of my teams and several sections were pinned.

 Turn 2. The Japanese advanced through the jungle. My FOO calls in a bombardment on the tank.
 Turn 3.The artillery bombardment fails to arrive and the FOO is killed by the Chi-ha tank.

 My infantry hold the far left flan and centre, awaiting the Japanese onslaught. By this stage my sniper had managed to kill a crewman for the MMG bt the MMG and light howitzer were starting to inflict losses on my troops.
 The third infantry platoon stalks my infantry. I come out of ambush to pin them but inflict no losses.
The Japanese get the first action of the next turn and charge.
  They kill 5 men for the loss of three and take the objective. .
 In the centre the veterans and 2nd regular section continue to advance.
  My right flank is now in tatters as the sniper too is killed.
 The Japanese are though the jungle and ready to charge home. The Chi-ha and howitzer inflict losses on my mean and they fail to follow an order to fire on the Japanese.
 Suddenly I am down to 1 team! My Gurkhas and 3rd section move to assist but they too are cut down by the tank, howitzer and rifle fire.
 The crier roars on and misses the tank!
 The Japanese are unstoppable and sweep all before them.
 End of turn 6 this is the last team on bard- apart from my carrier!
 And he then dies.
Wow! Talk about one sided. I killed a MMG crewman in turn 2 or 3, 3 teams in the assault and that was it!  The Japanes emortars, howitzer and tank simply tore through me, I failed to cause any serious hits on the infantry to slow them down and was cut to peices. A complete reverse of the last game. Fun, if very one sided.

One thing we are missing is some foxhole rules, I think we'll use FoW style dug in status for defenders and count them as in hard cover to see if that helds somewhat... and bring back the Stuart!



  1. Very nice AAR and a greate looking game !

    Besty regards Michael

  2. Great report Craig! Excellent looking game.

  3. I hope you still had fun while getting stomped!!

    1. Sure did. it was all part of a cunning plan to lull them into a false sense of security. A bit embarrassing being left with 1 model on table though- my carrier :(

      BA really does need foxhole rules for the defender, we may just use the buildings rules (hard cover, 6 to destroy).

      I deployed a couple of units with FoW in mind where I would have been dug in and gained concealment even in the open- oops