Sunday, January 26, 2014

Perry's have done it again!

I see that the Perry' have just released their latest WWII additions. I have a box set of the DAK infantry awaiting getting started so will be getting the mortars and HMGs to round off the force.

  How can you pass up a Blitzkrieg Bison?
The recce kubelwagon looks incredible too!

The British infantry in trousers are another fantastic addition to their range. I like the flexibility of the plastics but find that sometimes they do look a  wee bit stilted pose wise. These metals look to be up the the very high standard of the Perry's. I think I can see some Kiwi's in Italy as an upcoming project...



  1. WoW those jerries look brilliant, not so sure about the brits thou.


  2. I'll have to get some of those Brita for Burma!