Monday, July 2, 2012

Uhlans of the Guard- WIP

The First Army's 1st Cavalry Reserve Corps at Borodino included the Hussars of the Guard and the Uhlans of the Guard, Dragoons of the Guard as well as the Kurland, Kazan and Nejinski Dragoons.

I like the uniforms of the Hussars and Uhlans of the Guard as they are different colours to the rest of  my force and so add a bit more colour and variety to my force. These are the first two figures for the Uhlans of the Guard- I didn't have any suitable lances so simply used the ones that came from Front Rank- at least there is no danger of stabbing myself with these guys.

 Hmm, these guys are from the 1st Army of the West (Barclay) which is on the opposie flank to that which I had intended too participate (Bagration's 2nd Army), maybe I will take this flank as my initial Russian forces were painted for the 1st Division (3rd Army Corps) of the 1st Army of the West. 

Still can't decide on 2 or 3 figures per base (and so 8 or 12 figure regiments)  for my cavalry units- I am tempted to go for the bigger (12 figure) units but the reality is although it looks better (IMO) it also adds 50% to the price (and painting time) and given the price of metals maybe that is taking things a bit far. Likewise the idea of hsving 3x 3 figure bases (9 vs 12 figures) for standard units has some merit, although I'm not sure how it would work in Lasalle where units are based in groups of 4.



  1. Stuff me!!!! You don't muck around. Great stuff Craig, these guys look great. You already know what I would suggest as far as basing goes but I think you should go with what works for your normal Napolionic rules.Less painting time = more gaming time.

  2. I like the blue- perhaps some shading is needed between the rider's pants and the saddle? They seem to mix together a little too much.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. It may be the camera work (dodgy at best with me I'm afraid) as there is a nice shadow line in reality- but may make it more pronounced.

    The Blue is GW nauseating Blue (about 17 years old) base, washed then highlight with Vallejo Intense Blue- I like the effect it gives. The book I have for the uniforms (Borodino on the Moskova by Hourtoulle) has an almost purplish blue uniform so wante it quite bright.