Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cossacks & Uhlans

I've completed the first unit of cossacks- very characterful figures from Front Rank, a joy to paint.

Last night I also finished the unit of Uhlans of the Guard- I just need to get some lance tips to complete them.

The Perry's have also just released their Russian Dragoons which I've ordered so should be starting two units of those in the next couple of weeks. We move house though at the end of next week so  not sure how much time I'll get in the enxt coupleof weeks for painting.



  1. Very nice mate :)

    And the more I see you your 3 to a base cav the more im going hmmmmm do I do redo mine lol

  2. Those look great bro!
    I'm a fan of the basing as well.
    The Cossacks sculpts and paintjobs are very very good. I think I recognize the subjects they used from the Zaporozhian Cossacks paintings. Cool!

  3. Wow!! A couple of very nice looking units there Craig. Great work.

  4. Thanks guys. I've decided to try and slow down a bit and rather than mass produce things experiment a bit more with stronger contrasts on the highlights- I usually try and keep the contrasts a lot more subdued but am happy with the result.

    I really like the cossacks sculpts too- pity they are such poor bang for your buck on table being irregulars and are really little more than (expensive) filler/eye candy.