Monday, July 2, 2012

Napoleonic Russians

Here we go-12 battalions of grenadiers. 2x battalions of Warlord plastics. I quite like the way they turned out- good detail and easy to paint- only having 3 pieces (head, pack and body) is a bonus as they are very quick to assemble. Now I am still not convinced I like only figures per base, especially on 5cm bases but am not sure I want to re-base all my Napoleonic to make a different (6 fig) standard.

 Hmm, one stand is facing the wrong way-oops.

 All 12 battalions.

 My Front Rank Hussars and Uhlans turned up today, so time for a new project.

I'm going to base them with 3 figs per base and go for 7.5cm bases as the standard base.



  1. That is a very impressive sight Craig!! Great work. Roll on Borodino.

  2. Roll on indeed.

    First two Uhlans of the Guard completed tonight.

  3. Uuraaahhh!
    Looks great, I loves me some Russian infantry and Uhlans.

  4. My first Austrians turned up today so I'll have to learn from Kent how to do a decent white uniform