Friday, July 13, 2012

Black Powder- first games

Kent and Dave popped round for a couple of games of Black Powder. No doubt we made a few mistakes but all enjoyed the games. Nice and relaxed with plenty of humourous results from the blunders table.

Kent trounced us in the first game, I crushed Dave in the second (he was playing the french) and then Dave and I managed not to lsoe badly in the third although in another turn it was all over for us- a moral victory?

We will definitely be getting a few more games in over the next few weeks but enjoyed the laid back nature of the rules and the aspect of not being totally in control of what was going on. The rules probably lacked a bit of period feel but made up for it in their fast play nature and the all round merriment we were having explaining what went wrong and why.

We had 3 brigades per side:
2x veteran infantry
4x regular infanrtry
2x cavalry
1x artillery
1x horse artillery

A few random pictures.



  1. Good to hear you enjoyed it Craig. How did you find the long movement/shooting distances?

    Im dropping my copy off to Noel tonight to read over, and then we will hopefully give em a whirl next week.

    Today was a eagle presenting day for 10 battalions of French which takes me up to 15 French and 4 Bavarian battalions, next I need to do something about cavalry.


  2. good to see Im not the only one busy painting.

    We didn't really mind the long distances- on an 8x6 table. The movement rates caught us by surprise at times how fast things moved and on a narrower table would probably reduce them a bit. We were trying to get into point blank range whenever we could though and didn't findd longer range fire too effective.

    Was speaking to Dave tonight and he liked them.


  3. Glad to see you liked them. We have been using a 66% version that we found worked better. I can email you a copy if you want a look at them.

  4. Sounds like fun, I'm going to use a version of BP for some SYW. The 66% version sounds interesting.

  5. great looking game there craig.