Thursday, July 19, 2012

FoW: Mid war Tankovy vs Panzer Kompany

Last night Kent and I had a game of FoW at his place. We both were keen to play Black Powder but Kent sold some FoW stuff online the other day to a local who has been collecting FoW stuff for 5 years, had all the books but has never played!  So,long story short we organised a game to introduce him to the game, my Southcon tankovy (8 shermans, 8x stuarts, razvedki, x SU 122s, recon and I 153s) vs a panzer kompany (6x MkIII late Js &; Ls), 3 Panzer IV late Gs and 2x marders.

Edit: Kent now has the game from his point of view here.

I left the Stuarts and recon to cover my left flank and loaded up on my right.
 I got the first trun and M3A1s charged the two marders, killing one and bailing the other- it did not remount in Kent's turn. 2 rules of FoW:
1) never only take 2 marders
2) never deploy them in the open!
 The Germans were more spread out, while my Stuarts did their best to hide.
 Then there was one! It didn't last long. But in his turn Kent managed to destroy an M3A1 but the team survived.
 Time to roll forward with my tanks.
 Kent reinforces the right with his company commander.
 The SUs take on a panzer IV but it manages to bounce all shots and soon the hunters become the hunted. 
 Panzer IIIs rumble forward to put pressure on my left flank.
 I try to ignore them and concentrate on the right but the Shermans move to support the panzer IV but it passes all armour saves again- my SU1222s even failed to destroy it by rolling a 1.
 The Stuarts charge out vs the panzer IIIs that have now moved to engage the Shermans, only managed to bail one panzer III! Oops.
 Now the panzer IIIs turn on the Stuarts, their RoF 3 AT 9 trumps my RoF 2 and AT 7- and being hit on a  helps in all.
 Now you see them...
 Now you don't.  4 dead, 4 bailed and the bailed ones fail their morale test.
 The Shermans get lucky. Being hit in a deadly crossfire from 3 panzer platoons I manage to survive the fire and rather than being wiped out as expected survive to fight another day, or round! The company commander bails a panzer IV which fails to remount.
 Having drawn all the panzers it was time to move.

 The SU 122s are all but gone but my Razvedki have raced through the forest to the objective-capturing 2 tanks in the process. The Germans cannot contest in time so if I can hang on for a turn I win however, if they knock out two platoons I will lose!
 The BA 6s are almost knocked out but stay on table, the Shermans also manage to survive as does my company commander. 
A close fought 4-3. Stephen enjoyed his first game and is keen for more so we are going to have a doubles game in a couple of weeks.



  1. Good report and nice pics. Great to see you helping a guy into the game.

  2. Very nice report Craig. Lovely photos too.

  3. Was a great game lots of fun, i'm glad i change the bulb in the lights as the photos have come out a lot better