Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Napoleonic Basing (yet again)

I've been pondering my dilemma- 4x figs on 5cm wide basing looking too much like skirmishers. One thought I've had is to use two different base sizes- one 6cm and one 4cm wide so that my figures have the same frontage as  Kent's in column of attack (10cm wide) or line (20cm) wide but I'd manage to get 20 figures per battalion (up from 16) and a narrower frontage per figure. The bases would like like this:

Cavalry I'm not sure about- I do like the idea of 7.5 cm bases with 12 figure regiments but have a 7.5cm and a standard 5cm base might work- sure my Cav would be slightly wider than Kent's (I can live with that) and it would mean 10 figure regiments- again a slight compromise.

These two ideas might warrant further investigation so I might mock up some bases to test the out. .

Other good news, my copy of Black Powder arrived along with some lovely Victrix Austrians.

Now for a change of pace Kent and I hope to get a Crusades game of Impetus in tomorrow night- my Seljuks vs his Early Crusaders.



  1. My French are all 6 figs on the 50mm base and I like the look.

    As for the cav, when I first started basing mine, I too thought hmmm about the 2 fig bases but 12 figs on 6 bases has grown on me.

    If I was to do again (never) I would have based everything on 60mm bases with 3 cav, and the inf with the same 6 figs.

    I really should take a few pics of the troops and post them


  2. I agree they look good but as Lasalle "requires" 4 base units that's adding 25% to my total figures- and would bring the Austrians (my next force) up to 36 fig battalions which is getting a bit big for me to paint.

    Cheers Dave

    I do like the idea of 3x 6cm bases with 6 figs each on them- and 3x 7.5 cm for Cav (9 fig units) which is what we used to use in Shako II and 4 bases for Austrians.

    If only there was a perfect system.

    Not sure you'd get 3 Cav on a 6cm base


  3. Have you thought of redressing the figures on your bases so they give an impression of being closer. The two battns I have done so far I have put the second rank figure behind the gap of the front rank figures. like the seating in a movie theatre if you will. It keeps your bases same size but they look closer on the base.

  4. Some of my Russians I've done that with those preparing to fire and it looks good. I might just bite the bullet and go for 5-6 figs per base for marching figures.