Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Basing- take 2

So tonight I've been messing round with different ways of basing figures.

Option #1: 4cm + 6cm bases so that the frontage is 10cm or 20cm- does

Option #2: 50mm bases- 6 figures per base (24 figure battalions)

 Option #3: (Right) the current system- 4 figures on the 5cm bases. Comparing the two bases in this picture I much prefer the look of 6 figures per base so that's it. I'm sold. Unfortunately that will involve rebasing the 12 battalions I've already done- eek! Maybe a job for after the move. It will reduce my total from 12 to 8 battalions though so means I will need to get back to painting Russians! I think the next lot will be a couple of boxes of the new Perry plastics.

 However, on a brighter note another 4 Uhlans completed tonight, two more to go but I will order 4 more to field a large unit.



  1. I think that's a good decision, I always thought that your 4 to a base looked a little off.

  2. Good call there Craig. I think in the long term you will be glad you changed.

  3. I agree, to both comments. I went with 4 to match Kent. Originally I had narrower bases (45mm vs Kent's 50mm). I game terms the number doesn't matter so much it's more the look and Ive been struggling with it not quite looking right for some time.

    Third time lucky I guess.

    Not looking to painting up 36 figure Austrian Battalions- might need to work out how to paint faster. I mihgt simply increase the base width slightly (7cm?)and have 8 figs per base and only 4 bases as opposed to 6x6 bases- that might work.