Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Impetvs: Seljuks vs Early Crusaders- 300pts

Dave and Simon joined us tonight. Simon and I took the Seljuk forces (Simon commanded the Seljuk nobles, superior light horse, javelins and skirmihers, I took the rest.

Kent had had a cunning plan and fielded:
1x Crusader knight
2x CM Turcopoles
4 or so dismounted knights
4 or foot sergeants
2x crossbows
2x bows

Alas I forgot my camera which was a pity as it was a truely epic game. Simon and I managed to lose our right flank light horse whilst trying to destory a single stand of turcopoles and then the supportingseljks not long thereafter. In fact for a few turns only  single stand of skirmishers was holding up our right (Simon's) flank. Simon managed some truely atrocious dice rolls and even managed to make our poor commander incompetent!

Meanwhile, my light horse had destroyed the turcopoles on my flank and were starting to nibble away at the crossbows and bows. Kent came up with a new tactic of combining units of crossbows and bows together- bows fire for disorder, crossbows (typically more dice) then fired to try to do permanent damage- it worked well.

In the end we managed to keep enough of our force intact to keep a steady rain of fire on the infantry and destroyed the knights when they finally decided to advance. The last few turns we were both close to breaking but in the end Simon and I managed to kill the Crusader general to break the crusaders (16-10) - it was a fun and very close game.

Kent is talking of getting more crossbows to deal with all our cavalry. That doesn't sound good.


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