Monday, March 19, 2012

300 pt Seljuk's finished

I've spent a couple of evenings working on my 300 pt Seljuk army. I've painted up another 3 stands of light horse and also a Perry Sejuk command. I've decided to go with 4 figures for the medium cavalry nobles/elites as they too have a VBU of 6.

I've tweaked the list from last week, adding another Sujek nobles and more skirmishers/ light foot at the expense of 2x  unts of light horse. Every unit has a missile wepaon.

300 pt Suljek Turks
  • Command: Average (range 60cm)                                                                       
  • Commander: Poor (+1 leadership)                                                                                  
  • 2x  CM Seljuk Nobles- Comp Bow B
  • 2x CM Ghulums-      Comp Bow C
  • 2x CL Turcomans (VBU 4)- Comp Bow B
  • 2x CL Turcomans- Comp Bow B
  • 1x FL Daylami- Javelins
  • 3x S  Archers- Short Bow B

VBU: 25 Points: 302           

The new Seljuk general- painted up tonight.

 3x Seljuk light horse painted last Thursday- Perry mini's of course.
 The Cavalry assembled.
 3x Stands of Skirmishers and one of Daylami light foot.

Most of the army assembled- I'm missing 2x light horse stands in this shot.

Bring on Kent's Crusaders on Wednesday night



  1. Excellent work Craig. A very impressive force.

  2. Very nice. Always like to see pictures of the whole army assembled, it really gives the birds-eye appeal.


  3. Great work, lots of well chosen colours.

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