Saturday, March 3, 2012

MW Kiwi lorried Infantry- WIP

I'm hoping for a game vs Kent next week using the new 3e FoW rules and as he has no allied forces anymore I need to get my kiwi's battle ready. I am either going to take the Staghounds or a Lorried Rifle company. with RoF 2 while pinned the lorried rifles finally appeare to have some advantages over the larger rifle platoons and instead of having to field 3 combat platoons of infantry I can add HMGs for a bit of tactical flexibility (carrier borne HMGs have always been one of my favourtie British units in FoW- far more useful than most HMGs in 2e).

As my force is themed for Italy the only armoured support available are the Shermans- which at 450 pts for three isn't the cheapest option on the planet so I'm looking at alternatives (i.e. non tank versions) to see how I like havving no tanks.

I've been messing round with some lists (Poochie, Lintman and me have been chucking ideas back and forth via e-mail) and have settled on this to start with:

[Edited to make legal- replaced HMGs with socut platoon, dropped HQ mortars and added air support]
Kiwi Lorried Infantry
HQ 35
5x MG Teams (PIAT, Light Mortar) 185
5x MG Teams (PIAT, Light Mortar) 185
3x Recon carriers-2x MGs 110
3x Staghounds 175
4x 6 pdr portees 195
2x 17 pdrs 160
4x Priests 350
Sporadic Air support 105
So the last few nights I've been repainting some desert equipment (a battery of 25 pdrs, carriers, and HMG carriers) and some North West Europe euipment (Priests + 17 pdrs)) to get them battle ready. they are still unfinished but will do for Wednesday- and should be a bit closer to being finished by then. I've still command stands, mortars and 6 pdr portees to get ready by then too. I've also got to get an Italian Campaign Artillery command for my guns.

The 17 pdrs are there simply as an area denial weapon, the force may be a bit light on infantry but I'm hoping the  scout platoon carriers make up for that somewhat by being able to advance with the infantry and suppress enemy teams. The Staghounds are my mobile reserve/exploitation force and count as my armoured support- how often can they claim to be that? With the new recon rules allowing only 1 vehicle to lift GtG and the others continuing to fight, and no longer being forced to disengage, they should be quite handy.

Not sure on air support, Ive had to drop the HQ mortars to fit it in but we will see how it does. I'd like to get HQ mortars in there if I could.  I guess the staghounds could be repalced with the (no longer needed) HMG platoon- we will see...

My other option is to take the staghound squadron out for a whirl.



  1. List isn't a legal list. In Italy the minimums are 2 lorried motor infantry platoons and a carrier platoon. The HMG platoon is a weapons option.

  2. arrghhh... my poor, poor HMGs- I curse "BF legalese!"

    Carriers + Staghounds? Maybe too much recon

    Must rethink...


  3. Thats the problem I keep running into with my Motor Company. Just can't have all the bases covered if you want 6pdrs, 17pdrs and the Priests.