Friday, March 23, 2012


    Kent and I have been playing Impetus since it came out and had limited success in gettnng the guys at the club interested in:  1)    rules "written in Italy"
      2)    28mm gaming in general

Jamie and Jason have been carrying the Impetus torch in Christchurch and on the TMP and other sites there has been a steady groundswell of support and numbers appear to be increasing in many places. I’ve absolutely no interest in playing it as a comp game but Impetus is a great game and works for us- the games always seem to go to the wire and both Kent and I like that aspect of the games- as well as the tactical feel and the way battles unfold feels “right” to us.

It looks like Kent and my perserverance is starting to pay off. The guys are diehard DBA 10mm/15mm gamers but Dave and Simon both joined us this week and are considering forces and Stephen is now talking of getting together a later crusades force in 28mm and with Fireforge Games aobut to release their Templars and mounted sergeants it is pretty good time to do so.

Of course they can always play it in 15mm using their current DBA bases if they wished too.



  1. Comics has the knights in stock right now, saw them today, resisted....

  2. We have played a month of Impetus at our club (see updates on the blog at

    Its a rule set that has really divided us. Some bits are really good but there are some elements that really mess up the game. Last night we had an Indians vs Macedonians (10mm) and we as the Indians were winning (unlikely I know but we had a good plan).

    The initiative roll at the start of every turn meant that the Macedonians essentially had two 'turns' at a crucial part of the battle (Alexander with +4 helped!) and the 'double move' basically led to both our flanks being wiped out without us being able to react (and having a number of disorders in place). Had the Indians won the initiative we probably would have gone on to win. Indeed, had it been a traditional 'you go, I go' set up, then we could have consolidated our position. But the combination of losing initiative, multiple moves (especially with Class A troops) and essentially the opposition having two turns meant a wholly disappointing outcome. Both myself and John felt cheated by the rules - which is not a good sign. We're doing Zama next week but I'm not sure if Impetus will be a regular feature for us.

  3. My local group Twin Cities Field of Glory plays FoG exclusively. I'm trying to get the guys interested in stepping out of the FoG and trying Impetus. I know its a risk for the reasons the rules may not be going over with Phil's group but I do really like them! I like the uncertainty. I like Impetuous units and to me, the games have always been fun! Good luck with your group!

  4. Cheers Guys

    @Stephen- will pass that on- not sure of the size of the tuetonic knights. Probably a lot bigger than Perrys so they probably aren't for me, but Stephen might be interested to get his army started.

    Impetus seems to have a love them or hate them reaction. I find the VBU/ Impetus bonus a nice elegant way to differniate differences in units without a long list of values needed- only tried FoG a couple of times but the I'm superior/blade/bah/bah/blah drove me crazy and try as I might I just couln't read the rules- the games we played were enjoyable in that light horse did as it was supposed to- but it was just a bit too dry and passionless for me. Also, I knew to "master" the rules would take a long time and I justt didn't enjoy them enough to warrant investing that much effort. I think impetus fits my chaotic nature.

    @Phil- your backgorund for Zama is fantastic and I look forward to the report. Carthagianians in 28mm are high on my priority of armies to finish.

    Finally, the dice gods are capricious at the best of times and sometimes they do roll funny- I like that, nothing is certain in Impetus and the unexpected can happen- as was the case in the real world, so I accept it when the dice gods forsake me and hope that they like me better next week.


  5. @ Stephen and Craig - this is the best set of comparisons I could find:

    Looks like they do not match super-well but aren't Perry Crusaders and earlier period than what Fireforge is doing? I'm not an expert in the period but this is definitely something I've been looking at for a Medieval army.

    @@ Phil - I tried to look at your blog but way too much crazy active/scripted content on it, so just appears as a blank set of placeholders to the likes of me.

    Without being able to actually see the report, I can't see for sure - but Impetus is definitely a game where you need to get out of the mindset of being able to rely on things happening. Instead you need to plan for eventualities, screen things, keep fresh reserves back to plug holes/guard flanks, that kind of thing.

    Even though I have had at least two games with the dreaded double-ones (that command does not move at all, do'h!) occurring and a even more of the characteristic Impetus sudden-collapses where you had good reason to think something should hold - I've never had a battle where that has been what has lost it for me. Either I've set up my army to work well as a whole (and cope with disasters) or I haven't. Or, when I have done things right, my opponent has taken his chances and been rewarded.

    Coming from playing FOG, where everything is so orderly and predictable, having a system where I have had to cope with the chaos of battle has been a breath of fresh air. It did take an initial adjustment period to get used to the multiple moves etc but I was hooked when I was setting up a Roman checkerboard because I actually wanted to and found myself dedicating an actual reserve. Reserves? In an actual battle? Madness.

    Not to mention that what you get when things all break down is incredibly fun and engaging. If things don't go as planned - you haven't lost yet!

  6. However well they actually match, Craig, look at this!:

    Pretty appealing. :) I should stop looking at them now, we are supposed to be getting 28mm WW2.

  7. Great posts thanks Jamie!

    Perry Crusaders are good for first to 2nd Crusades (where my main interest lies BTW) but would work for poorer knights in later crusades too- possibly simply upgrade with heater shields.

    Size wise FF don't look too bad at all- so I'm looking forward to seeing the FF sergeants.

    I too prefer chaos. However, Simon and I only won the game the other night as I withdrew a seriously damaged Ghulum unit (down to VBU of 1) and managed to do the same with damaged light horse so not to have our army break. The way the break point system works I actually have to manage my resoures and not simply throw everything into the attack to win- our game hung on a knife edge for the last 3-4 turns as we attempted not to lose any units permanently while eating away at the now badly disorganised Crusaders- who were also close to breaking but also close to breaking us.

    The way the games unfold feels right to me and we are both engaged at all times as opportunity and melee outcomes mean that both sides get to make decisions and play in both players' turns.

    Kent as going to do 28mm WWII last year but we decided we have too many other projects. Saga is about the only game I intend to add to our "core" stable but doubt well even find time for that.