Wednesday, March 14, 2012

300 pt Impetus: Armenians vs Seljuk Turks

Kent couldn't make it tonight so Dave and I had a taining game of Impetvs to teach him the rules- not easy to learn the rules when you leave your rulebook behind- oops. Dave commanded the Armenians and I took control of the Selkuks. My tactics were simple, sit back, shoot and try to avoid hand to hand as long as possible.


Command: Average (range 60cm): 12
            Commander: Fair (+2 leadership) : 20
4          CP Nobles *              88
2          CM Bedouins           46
4          FP Infantry                64
2          T Merc Crossbows   42
2          T Archers       22
1          S Archers                  7
Total: 301                                                                                                      
                                                            I managed to old a narrow defile between some rough going and hills, whilst zooming round with light horse- I don't think I used them terribly well, I managed to lose 2 units (out of 6) and had 3 others badly mauled.

 The Armenians held their infantry and missiles troops on the flanks and the 4 units of Cav held the centre. 

  A view from the Seljuk lines as they await the oslaught with their own heavy cavalry.
 Skirmishers stick to the rough going- Armenians skrimishers and meercenary crossbows close in on the flank.
 More seljuk horse archers ride forth to soot the exposed Armenian general but are driven off in turn by bedoin cavalry. 
 The bedouin charge the Seljuk general but are driven off and destroyed in my next turn.
 The final turn- things still hang in the balance but we called time- a draw but another turn or two and my force was in trouble.
A good, fun game. Dave picked up the rules pretty quickly- although there was a fair bit of I think it goes like this involved. Not sure light horse, missile heavy armies are my cup of tea though- probably need another game or two wiith them to get a feel for the way they play.

Hoepfully next week Kent is available for a game as well.


  1. Great looking game Craig. Never played Impetus but looks like we might have to give it a try one day.

  2. It is my prreferred ancients/medieval ruleset- the game is fast and fun and both players are invovled at all times. Highly recommended

  3. Looked like a cool game Craig, those Armenians have come up very nicely indeed!