Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Impetvs- 300 pt Seljuk Turks

I have been working on some Seljuk Turks for Impetus. I've rebased a few of my Syrian Ghulum units to make them 4 figures per base and painted up a copule of bases of Ghulums/elite Seljuk turks  for this force. I also have a few more stands of light horse to do.

The Seljuks have always been one of my favourtie armies, ever since I first did the crusades at University. I made a force in 15mm for DBA but under those rules LH is pretty much a waste of time- especially on the standard q5mm tables wehere they don't get to use tier mobility to fulle ffect- an excersice in futility is how I see light horse armies in DBA. I've no intention of palying DBA again tohugh, Impeuts is far more fun  and engaging ruleset so have no intention of going back to 
DBA anytime soon.

300 pt Seljuk Turks States


Command: Average (60cm) 12

Commander: Fair (+2) 20

CM Nobles/ Elites (*) 36 Comp Bow B
2 CM Ghulum  64 Comp Bow C
3 CL Turcomans 81 Comp Bow B
3 CL Turcomans 75 Comp Bow B
2 S Archers 14 Short bow B

VBU: 23

So I can tell the elites from the ghulums I have only based 3 figs per base on the elites- which is my standard for medium Cav- however if units have a VBU of 6 I tend to put 4 figures on them same as I do for Heavy Cav.  

Almost all the force has bows so it should be a bit of a handful to face. They'll get their first outing tonight.

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  1. These look good and I hope you do an AAR! I have a 15mm Seljuk/Ottoman army that I've run in FoG but not Impetus yet. I do love shooty horse armies. Good luck!