Monday, September 19, 2011

WIP Cassino Table + FJ

The beginnings of the Cassino table.

I've decided to make several pieces of scatter terrain for the Cassino inspired table- some ruined buildings and piles of bomb craters and rubble. Suitably painted to represent the town, or anywhere else in Italy for that matter.

A JR Miniatures Cassino ruin rebased (stuck in plaster so its not going anywhere). A mixture of cat litter & sand was applied to the wet plaster and then when that had dried the rubble was covered in watered down PVA to bind it together- next step is to paint the rubble. I find the watered down PVA is a necessary step and also use it with the bases for the infantry and guns as it stops the rubble from flaking off over time and makes it easier to paint the base too.

Some more JR buildings based and ready for painting.

With the still wet sand/pva mix its a bit hard to see any bomb craters yet.

And meanwhile work continues on the Fallshrimjager field fortifications.

Trenches- made out of kebab sticks, MDF and permafilla tonight.

V3 of the pak nests- slightly smaller than the original versions they are now a bit bigger than a large FoW bases. I glued a washer to the base (which was then coved in basing sand to hide it) and attached an earth magnet to each gun so they can either be placed in their nests or on the standard base- the magnet stops the guns from moving. This is a new plan so I don't have to buy even more pak 40s (or artillery), and a system I intend to use for several other armies to make my artillery and AT guns multipurpose. I'll simply create bases with crew for different forces (I've far too much artillery as it is and don't want to buy even more) and place the guns on the base that suits the army/game.

Pak 40 nests, 2x Flak 38 nests and my panzer II turret.

Nebelwerfers rebased with my new "Cassino" rubble bases.



  1. The buildings should look really nice. Those trenches have come up great, very effective work.

  2. The trenches are simple to make and look pretty good. I hope to finish the buildings on Thursday evening and have a Lassalle report on Wednesday


  3. Good stuff, Craig - very impressive!